Quit while you're ahead

+ a West Village bar's bathroom screed on 'Why Write????'

Folks, here we are on the *spookiest night of the year* — what better time to sit down and complete the last prompt, Dinner with the Dead?

Complete the last prompt

Responses are due in 36 hours!

My tip today (in the video above) is about how to maintain positive writing momentum from one day to the next. First, though, a bit about what that momentum feels like.

The other day, a friend sent me this photo of a sweet diatribe on writing she found in the bathroom of Joseph Leonard, a restaurant in the West Village. As the story goes, it was written by the bartender’s grandfather many years ago:

That feeling of being ‘at my imagination’s highest peak, floating in the sea of thought,’ is one that I didn’t know existed about five years ago.

You can read books on craft, take class after class on writing, listen to every great interview by your favorite author — but there’s only one surefire way to get to that feeling, and that’s to keep at it, week in, week out (or even better… day in, day out).

Even when you feel like nothing good is coming, just keep sitting down to write (or paint, draw, etc.), and there will come a moment when you realize, I’ve never felt more alive.

Or, in the case of the most recent prompt — dead.